Number One Product
in 2008

PetzOFF� was selected as the Best New Pet Product of the Year by Harrison Forbes, host of Pet Talk.
I picked a winner for this year and it was PetzOFF™... it was the best.
- Harrison Forbes, Animal Behaviorist
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PetzOFF™ Saves Furniture
Without Harming Your Pets

PetzOFF™ is the very first product designed exclusively to protect your furniture and your pets. We know there are days you can�t decide which is more important - your pet or your furniture.
Now you don�t have to choose!

PetzOFF™ is a pet-friendly, aesthetically-pleasing solution designed to keep pets off furniture. A proven training tool on one side and a decorator-quality throw on the reverse, PetzOFF™ effectively deters pets from getting on furniture. When not in use, the attractive fabric side can be draped fashionably over the back of the sofa. Animal experts have confirmed pets don't like the sound or feel of aluminum foil. PetzOFF™'s unique heavy-duty reflective backing has the same qualities as aluminum foil; therefore pets choose to avoid furniture when PetzOFF™ is in place.

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